Beat Food Waste


Shopping Guide

At the store

  • Buy only what you need. Buy individual produce rather than bulk produce to avoid overbuying.
  • Buy less meat. Meat has an enormous carbon footprint and creates a disproportionate impact on the planet. A few easy ways to lighten your household carbon contribution is to buy less meat, waste less meat, and use smaller portions.
  • Keep it simple. Try to find multiple uses for the main items you buy every week to go easy on your wallet, stick to your meal plans, reduce cooking time, and cut food waste.
  • Shop local. Seek out your local farmers market or join a CSA (community-supported agriculture program).

When you get home

  • Add your own “eat by” dates rather than following confusing expiration labels. The Best Before App will calculate an average lifespan for your food.
  • Put on some music and startchopping your veggies as soon as you get home from the store, because you’re more likely to use them the sooner they’re chopped and ready to eat — and that means you can chop away at food waste, too.
  • Vacuum-seal meat you won’t use right away and save it in the freezer.