Campus Wild

Wildlife Week


Daily Actions to Protect Wildlife

Students at campuses across the country will be participating in Wildlife Week -- are you up for the challenge?

Protecting the environment means thinking about food and the way we eat. Meat production threatens wildlife through deforestation, land and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and the targeted killing of millions of wild animals on behalf of the livestock industry. Eating less or no meat is one of the most powerful ways you can protect wildlife. Wildlife Week is your chance to take action, "rewild" your diet and spread the word.

How Do I Get Involved in Wildlife Week?

  • Sign up to let us know you’re bringing Wildlife Week to your campus and request an Action Kit.
  • Participate in daily actions during Wildlife Week and recruit friends to join you.
  • Commit to rewilding your diet this week with less meat and more plant-based meals.


Tools to Make Your Week a Little Wilder:

  • A Wildlife Week Calendar with daily meat-free recipes to help you Take Extinction Off Your Plate.
  • Simple, but powerful, daily Earth-friendly actions you can take to protect wildlife, including trivia, photos and hilarious activities you or your club can join in.
  • A Campus Toolkit you can use to take action on your campus after Wildlife Week.


Seeing the Big Picture of Meat vs. Wildlife

Wildlife Week highlights a number of ways in which meat production harms wildlife. From greenhouse gas emissions to grazing and targeted wildlife killings, every meal you eat has a tangible impact on the survival of threatened species and endangered ecosystems. The American bison, hellbender, sage grouse, monarch butterfly, sea turtle, bluefin tuna and Mexican gray wolf aren’t the only species that suffer from the production of meat. There are hundreds more that are also in peril. As Wildlife Week draws to a close, consider your meat consumption habits beyond this week. Eat less meat, save more wildlife.

If you want to learn more, check out, or watch the Meatstinction and Hidden Cost of Your Hamburger short videos on YouTube.

Want to get more involved in Campus Wild? You can also gather signatures in support of the Take Extinction Off Your Plate pledge on campus, write letters to your student paper, create potlucks on campus and many more activities. Ready to get started? Sign up today.

Email with any questions.

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