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Wildlife Week Scavenger Hunt


The List

For additional fun, join in our Wildlife Week Scavenger Hunt -- show us why you have the wildest, most Earth-friendly campus.

Share your photos or short videos on social media with the hashtag #WildlifeWeek as part of the Scavenger Hunt. Complete all 7 challenges for bragging rights and a chance for your school to be featured on our website.

Moose by Autumn Hostetler

___ Day 1: Evidence of a #CrowdedPlanet — wildlife and human worlds overlapping.

___ Day 2: Wildlife in your campus stadium or sports fields.

___ Day 3: A photo of you and your friends enjoying some outdoor time on campus..

___ Day 4: Veggie options in your dining hall.

___ Day 5: A teacher giving you the thumbs up for sustainability and wildlife.

___ Day 6: The best view of nature, wildlife or wilderness in your area.

___ Day 7: The best veggie meal you made all week (tell us its name and ingredients, give it a wild name).


Scavenger hunt must not cause or be a result of harm to wildlife (including hunting or fishing). Please tread lightly in your foraging and leave the environment the way you found it.